Friday Prayers: Epiphany

“May the mountains yield prosperity for the people, and the hills, in righteousness.” (Psalm 72:3)

Epiphany marks the end of the Christmas season. It is the day when we celebrate Jesus’ identity being revealed to the magi, the wise ones, who followed the star to find Jesus. Matthew’s gospel tells us that Jesus was a small child when they found him, which speaks of a search that lasted quite some time. The search represents a hope that Jesus will be the one who will change the world as they know it—they have followed a great light to find him. It is by no accident that he too is called “the Light.”

Psalm 72, Prayer for Guidance and Support of the King, reminds us that, as with Jesus, with great power comes the need for great kindness and love. It is a psalm that speaks of a great leader being one who shares justice, mercy, and peace, one who gives of themselves to be in service to others. People in positions of power have choices to make when it comes to how they treat those around them. This time of year reminds us that we have the same choices that are influenced by our faith as we seek to follow Jesus’ example of what a leader can be, in our families, in our communities, and in our world. The journey of the magi shows us that we must change direction, going by another route, if we want to be such leaders.

May we follow Jesus so that the decisions we make are not just for our benefit, but are for the benefit and love of all creation.

Body Prayer: Epiphany

Download this prayer with illustrations [PDF]

Repeat the following prayer, using the actions to inspire movement as you are able:

Holy One (reach up and out)
May your light (flick fingers open and shut 3 times)
Dwell within me (keep fingers open, place hands on chest)
May your light (flick fingers open and shut 3 times)
Shine through me (reach hands over head, bring them down with hands open)
May your light (flick fingers open and shut 3 times)
Shine into the world (circle hands over head, bring them down to sides)
AMEN (head down, hands at prayer with palms together)

The Rev. Catherine Stuart ministers at Bedeque United Church, Prince Edward Island.