To Study the Good News

5 different Bible translations

Advent is a time of preparation, a time of celebration—and even a time a study.

The Good News of Joy to the World (pdf), contributed by the Rev. Dr. Peggy Mulambya-Kabonde of The United Church of Zambia, invites us to take a closer look at the opening chapters of the Gospel of Luke. This is a more in-depth approach to the characters of the Christmas story. In this study, we are encouraged to celebrate the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ, the light of the world, who was born on Christmas day for the sake of humanity.

Over five sessions, a short passage is presented with some context, and questions prompt us to interpret the text and discern a message for today. Ideal for small groups.

Here’s a taste:

Week 1: Prepare the way (Luke 1:16–17)
According to this passage, what is the role of the Holy Spirit in preparing people for the Lord?
How can the way for the Christ be prepared today?

Week 2: The birth of Jesus (Luke 2:10–14)
What was the status of shepherds in that time and place?
How relevant is the Advent season to you?

Week 3: Joy to the world (Luke 2:10–11)
What is the significance of the Messiah’s birthplace being the town of David?
What does the phrase “Joy to the world” mean today?