In God’s story, you are just right! Week 1 Video

Meet Mary, Zechariah, and Elizabeth.

(Children’s voices: Advent means to me, happiness all the time. I think Advent means time to prepare for Christmas. I think Advent means, when Jesus was born. I think we can get ready by hanging out with family and praying. I think we can get ready by going to church and praying.)

Christmas is coming. Are you ready?

I wonder if Mary is ready?

“I’m too young.”

I wonder if Zechariah and Elizabeth are ready?

“We are too old.”

Mary thought that she was too young to be Jesus’ mom. Elizabeth and Zechariah thought they were too old to be the parents of John the Baptist.

“Don’t be afraid” (an angel told them). In God’s story, you are just right!

Are you ready?

Suggestions for Use

  • The Advent Candle Lighting Liturgies (pdf) have been written to incorporate these videos. Many churches choose to begin their Advent services in this way. You might also adapt them for a ritual at home.
  • Explore the story of Christmas using the Advent Unwrapped Colouring Storybook (pdf)—great for young artists of any age!
  • For more Advent Unwrapped videos, visit our Videos page.