In God’s story, we can all find our way! Week 4 Video

Meet the Magi.

(Children’s voices: Advent means to me, happiness all the time. I think Advent means time to prepare for Christmas. I think Advent means, when Jesus was born. I think we can get ready by hanging out with family and praying. I think we can get ready by going to church and praying.)

Christmas is coming. Are you ready?

I wonder if the Magi are ready?

“But it is so far.”

I wonder if they know where to go?

“Oh look, a star.”

The Magi travelled a long distance to visit Jesus and his family.

“Don’t be afraid” (an angel told them). In God’s story, we can all find our way!

Are you ready?

Suggestions for Use

  • The Advent Candle Lighting Liturgies (pdf) have been written to incorporate these videos. Many churches choose to begin their Advent services in this way. You might also adapt them for a ritual at home.
  • Explore the story of Christmas using the Advent Unwrapped Colouring Storybook (pdf)—great for young artists of any age!
  • For more Advent Unwrapped videos, visit our Videos page.