That’s a Wrap!

The 3 Magi, on camels, following a star
Thank you for journeying with us through Advent and into the Christmas season. Now, just as Advent (the beginning of the church year) leads to Christmas, the season of Christmas in turn leads to Epiphany.

Have you ever had a moment of sudden clarity? When a truth is revealed to you, even though you have been living with something for a long time? The penny drops and you finally figure out what is really going on or have a deeper insight into what is actually happening. The truth of the matter knocks you over and the fog clears. In other words, have you ever had an epiphany?

Epiphany is a season to mark the revelation and manifestation of Christ, particularly in the child Jesus. We celebrate Epiphany on January 6 (the 12th day of Christmas), with the commemoration of the Magi’s visit to Jesus.

Without Epiphany, there would not be a need to celebrate Christmas. If we did not recognize Jesus as the Christ (the anointed one), we would not need to celebrate his arrival. In fact, many traditions around the world have huge Epiphany celebrations with parades, food, gifts, and water blessings.

Many of us are ready to return to our regular routines once Christmas is behind us. But you can extend your observance of Christmas—and of Epiphany—by keeping a connection to God’s story.

Let’s continue to make room for Christ and the radical, countercultural messages that Christ brings. If there were prayers, resources, or reflections on this site that spoke to you, keep them alive in your life.

“Don’t be afraid,” an angel says. In God’s story, we all have a part.



Alydia Smith is Program Coordinator, Worship, Music, and Spirituality for The United Church of Canada.