Advent Unwrapped is an expanding collaborative project to represent the diversity of The United Church of Canada and the intercultural church that we are—and are becoming.

It was inspired by requests from communities of faith for alternative devotional materials that reflect the United Church’s theology and ethos. A small staff group prayerfully decided on a web-based resource to

  • model creative, intercultural, and interactive ways to live out our faith
  • help people better articulate the work of the church
  • encourage spiritual formation for all ages
  • provide resources that are easily adaptable for different settings (e.g., congregations, community ministries, house churches, intentional communities, family devotions)
  • unpack the Christmas story and provide an alternative to the “consumerist season”

A diverse group of United Church folk urged a focus on

  • learning and retelling the Christian stories in an image-rich, biblically grounded way
  • engaging the themes of the season in a countercultural, transformative way
  • providing ways for people of all ages to act on their reflections through spiritual practices and social engagement

If you have ideas or stories to share, especially around spiritual practices, deepening intercultural awareness, and social engagement, please e-mail the Worship Desk.

Alydia Smith
for the Advent Unwrapped Team