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The Story of Christmas: Meet the Holy Family

The promise that a small child might change the world The story of the Holy Family begins with the news of another pregnancy. Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin, after years of having no children, is expecting a son to be named John.

The Story of Christmas: Meet the Magi

Visitors bearing exotic gifts followed a star Do you love a good mystery? What about Matthew’s story of the Magi: Who are these mysterious travellers? When the Magi appear in the Nativity story, the main characters—Joseph, Mary, and the Christ

The Story of Christmas: Meet the Innkeeper

There was no place at the inn Of the Bible storytellers, only Luke describes the moment of Jesus’ birth. And tucked away in Luke’s concise passage is an aside—“because there was no place for them in the inn” (2:7)—to explain

The Story of Christmas: Meet the Animals

These lowly witnesses played a vital role When we set up a Nativity scene, we often surround the Holy Family with animals. The scriptures that describe the birth of Jesus, though, don’t actually speak of animals or a stable. The

The Story of Christmas: Meet John the Baptist

Prepare the way of the Lord John plays a prominent role in all four gospel accounts of the Christmas story. But who is he? The first thing we learn, even before John is born, is that his appearance will bring

The Story of Christmas: Meet the Shepherds

Why did the angels seek out the “inferior” shepherds? The shepherds were the first to receive the good news of Jesus’ birth. And it was the angels who came to tell them. You might imagine the shepherds in a pastoral

The Story of Christmas: Meet the Angels

Do not be afraid Many of us believe that angels mirror God’s beauty and that they are agents of God’s protection. Angels are also thought of as messengers from God, the carriers of love and of God’s good news. In

The Story of Christmas: Meet the Prophet Isaiah

Faith matters, justice matters, and faithfulness to God matters Isaiah—the prophet who proclaimed that we would “beat [our] swords into plowshares” (2:4) and that “the wolf shall live with the lamb” (11:6)—lived in a challenging time. He observed that religious


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