Stories Unwrapped

The Christmas story is a story for all! Our story includes the lowly shepherds who, at the time of Jesus, figured as people who lived on the margins—they were at the bottom of the social and economic ladder. The story also includes: the devout and faithful like Joseph, an honourable man of Ruth’s lineage; the young and brave like Mary; the wise and mysterious visitors from afar; and the hospitality of animals that carried Mary and shared their manger with a child.

Each character’s story includes several activities for all ages. Consider having an intergenerational event in your community celebrating one of the characters. Or try some of the activities at home with friends and family.

The Shepherds
The shepherds were the first to hear the Good News of Jesus’ birth. And it was the angels who came to tell them.
The Animals
The scriptures that describe the Nativity don’t speak of a stable and they don’t specify any animals. However, they do speak of a manger.
The Angels
Many believe angels mirror God’s beauty and that they are agents of God’s protection.
The Magi
Those who love a good mystery will love Matthew’s story of the Magi. Who are these mysterious travellers?
The Innkeeper
Generations of Bible readers have assumed that if there was no room for Mary and Joseph, then there must have been an innkeeper who told them!
The prophet Isaiah had the courage to express the truth that the people did not want to hear.
John the Baptist
While just two of the gospels refer to Jesus’ birth, all four gospels highlight the story of John.
The Holy Family
The Holy Family—that’s Jesus, Mary, and Joseph—wasn’t just any family.