The Angels


Angeline, whose name means messenger, felt she was failing to live up to her name. She had delivered messages from the angel superior to the other angels, but they were everyday messages. Angeline longed to deliver a vital, world-changing message.

Many believe angels mirror God’s beauty and that they are agents of God’s protection. They are also thought of as messengers from God, the carriers of love and of God’s good news.

In the Bible, there are many stories in which angels bring exciting news to unsuspecting individuals. In the Nativity story, Mary is visited by an angel who tells her she will have a baby who is God’s son. Joseph is also visited by an angel who reassures him that it’s okay to take Mary as his wife as her pregnancy is a special gift.

Usually, it’s just one angel that shows up to share the news with one person. But a host of angels do figure in Daniel 7, while in the Nativity story a host of angels appear before the shepherds, the only story where angels appear before a group.

The first words that the angels offer the shepherds are “Do not be afraid.”

Ask yourself:

  • Why would the shepherds be afraid?
  • Would they have seen an angel before?
  • Would the fact that angels showed up at all be a frightening experience?

Maybe the hillsides of Bethlehem are a “thin place,” meaning a place where the veil between heaven and earth is so thin it is easy for heavenly beings and energy to pass through.

  • Do you think that is what happened on that night of nights?
  • How do you think the shepherds’ lives were changed by this encounter with angels?
  • What are the thin places in your life?

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