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Advent 2017 begins on Sunday, December 3! This website will help you and your community of faith unwrap the reason for the season together.

Unwrap the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and Christmas through regular blog posts and prayers. Discover new perspectives through the eyes of key characters in the Christmas story in Stories Unwrapped and put yourself in the story through interactive program ideas suitable for your entire community of faith. Download worship ideas and services from our Resources page.

Sunday Blessings: Peace

For the 2nd Sunday in Advent and the Week Following Have you ever been so hungry for something that you can almost taste it? I have been told that I get a little grumpy or “hangry” when I am hungry.

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Video: Where Would You Search for Peace?

Download this video [MP4] Download the video transcripts [RTF] We hope you enjoy this video. Where will you search for signs of God’s peace this Advent season? Check out some more engaging blogs on the theme of peace, or revisit

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Friday Prayers: Peace

“God…will speak peace to [God’s] people…to those who turn to [God] in their hearts.” (Psalm 85:8) What is peace? It is simply the absence of war? Is it the sound you hear and the relief you feel when you walk

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Wednesday Chapel: Peace

Family Advent Time for December 6 Welcome back to Wednesday Chapel. We introduced this series of special ideas for Advent family time last week, and we’ll keep posting them on Wednesdays throughout December. Peace Gather around your Advent Centre or

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Sunday Blessings: Hope

For the 1st Sunday in Advent and the Week Following Happy New Year! Today marks the beginning of the Christian Year. Why is the Christian year different from the calendar year? Because the Christian year revolves around Jesus. It starts

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