Welcome to Advent Unwrapped!

The next Advent season will start on Sunday November 27, 2016. It is never too early to start planning. This website will help you and your community of faith unwrap the reason for the season together.

Unwrap the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and Christmas through our daily blog posts and prayers. Discover new perspectives through the eyes of key characters in the Christmas story in Stories Unwrapped and put yourself in the story through interactive program ideas suitable for your entire community of faith. Share worship and celebration ideas by submitting them to Advent Unwrapped and download worship ideas and services from our Resources page.

Check back in the fall of 2016 to unwrap new layers of resources and ideas!

Sharing the Gift of Music!

Hello, Advent Unwrapped family. We have received some musical submission from Pat Mayberry. Pat writes: “It’s always a thrill for me to know that music is being used and enjoyed, so I’d love to hear from you if you do

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Fun for the Whole Family

I recently received a message from a family minister looking for some Advent resources for the whole family that aren’t focused on Lego, chocolate, and/or Santa. You are not alone in your quest; we are looking too. If you have

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Christmas in the Summer!

Welcome, keeners, to Advent Unwrapped 2016. Here is a road map to help you on your journey to Christmas! If you are looking for serenity and daily reminders of the “reason for the season”: Scroll to the bottom of the

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